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2017 Diagnosis Code Changes!

2017 Diagnosis Code Changes!
April 18, 2016 Tamra Lahmer

We all enjoyed a little reprieve from the annual diagnosis code updates for a few years as the “REALLY BIG UPDATE” to ICD-10  occurred — over a four year waiting span.  By now, coders, billers and providers are all settled in and working well with the ICD-10 code sets.  See…it really wasn’t “THAT” bad, was it?

Well strap yourself in for the ride, because the annual ICD-10 code changes are on their way!  The Center for Disease Control has posted the proposed new codes, which are anticipated to be effective October 1, 2016.  As soon as I received my AAPC e-newsletter with the article boasting the new codes, I literally downloaded the file on my I-phone as I just could not wait to see!  I got as far as the codes in the “E” section, specifically diabetes, and found a large group of new codes for diabetic ophthalmological diseases which add not only new conditions, but laterality as well.  Unfortunately, the people in the car behind me at Taco Bell really didn’t care about the new ICD-10 codes, so I postponed the remainder of the reading until later.

So, coders….let’s embrace the new ICD-10 codes and see what’s new!  Laterality is added all over the classification in areas it was somehow eliminated in the first book.  Ectopic pregnancy has lots of great changes as well, and of course we always want to check for those important Guideline changes!  It’s like opening a Christmas present in April!

So have fun, and watch for education forthcoming on the annual ICD-10 and CPT codes.  Texas Career Center offers an Updates Seminar every year, and it is a great way to learn about the codes in a very comprehensive way as well as gain AAPC CEUs.  The AAPC Fort Worth Chapter will offer updates as well, so get your dose of the new 10’s!

Happy Coding!

Tamra Lahmer, CPC, CPC-I, CPMA, CCS-P, MCS-P

Director, Texas Career Center

Tamra Lahmer