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Refilling Your Life Glass

Refilling Your Life Glass
October 9, 2017 Tamra Lahmer

You are probably familiar with the phrase that some people view their lives as “a glass half empty” or “a glass half full” to describe pessimism and optimism. I recently read about a third option, “your glass is refillable”. That is the way I am choosing to live my life and here’s what it means to me…

We all have stressors in our lives…work, school, traffic, family, friends, etc.  Now, you’ve probably just disagreed with me that your family and friends are not stressors, but consider this… Aren’t you sometimes concerned about a decision they’ve made or worry about them when they are sick?  Those are stressors. Stressors happen because we care.  We care about doing a good job at work or school and care about our family and friends.  But wait, do you care about traffic? Actually, you care about not getting in an accident, so yes, you do.

So, what does this have to do with my glass of life? You start life with a full glass.  These stressors drink from your glass.  Sometimes they sip and sometimes they gulp, but they reduce the happiness in your life all the same.  If you don’t refill your glass, you will run dry…exhausted, depressed, and no longer able to pour care onto your stressors.

Fortunately, refilling your glass of life is not terribly difficult, though it does require a bit of a new perspective and a little selfishness.  How could selfishness be a good thing?  Keep reading and I’ll explain.  I had a nurse friend tell me once that when you donate blood, they won’t let you donate again the very next day.  Why? Because your body needs time to replenish your blood cells or you will be ill yourself.  So, based on the intensity of our stressors, we need to balance that with refilling our glasses with things that make us feel happy, confident, energetic, motivated, and dare I say it…fulfilled.  Allow yourself to be a little selfish in order to add your physical and mental health as a priority.  Take the time to go for a walk, read a good book,   meet your uplifting friend for lunch, or call your cousin who always makes you laugh. God gave us a miraculous world and put us all together for a reason.  Sometimes we need to be the ones to drink from others’ glasses to help refill our own bit by bit.  Together we tackle stressors with our refillable glasses.

So, get your glass out and consider the level of your life right now.  How much do you need to refill or are you fortunate that yours is currently overflowing with Grace and you can freely share with others?  You are just as important as all the others you care about. Make a place for yourself in your priorities…maybe not at the top, but at least get yourself on the list. Now, refill and drink up!


 Karla Grimwood, MS, CPC, CPMA, CEMC

Physician Compliance Auditor

HealthTexas Provider Network

Karla Grimwood is a past coding student and dear friend to Texas Career Center. Karla has shared her encouragement with our graduates in past commencement services, the most recent in September of 2017.  She offers support and assistance to aspiring coders and students, and serves on the TXCC Professional Coder Training program’s Advisory Committee.  Karla spreads goodwill and inspiration wherever she goes!