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Here’s FIVE good reasons. . . .

Here’s FIVE good reasons. . . .
December 3, 2018 Tamra Lahmer

to start a career as an HVAC Service Technician!

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  1. GREAT PAY! 2017 Median Pay is $47,080 per year!
  2. PLENTY OF WORK! The growth of HVAC jobs from 2016 to 2026 is projected at a 15% increase, which is a much faster growth than average careers.  Consider the greater need in Texas climates and the current business growth in the DFW area, and you can double these percentages.
  3. MINIMAL TRAINING! Post-secondary vocational education will qualify you as a trained HVAC technician. A college degree is not required and it should not cost thousands of dollars!  This is vocational training — do not be misled by the high price of some training programs.
  4. CAREER ADVANCEMENT! Ready to move beyond an HVAC Technician? Learning Advanced Refrigeration opens the door to even more job potential and income increases.  Other opportunities are Field Manager, Service Manager, and Operations Manager to name a few.
  5. BE YOUR OWN BOSS! You can own your own HVAC business one day and enjoy the benefits of growing your own dynasty!  In fact, the Texas Career Center HVAC Service Training program was designed by our founder, Bill Lahmer who has owned a successful HVAC company for almost 20 years.  Learn from the best!

It all starts with the right HVAC training, and Texas Career Center is all you need.  Spring is around the corner and employers will be seeking HVAC graduates.  Call us today!