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Fort Worth AAPC Monthly Meeting

Fort Worth AAPC Monthly Meeting
November 10, 2014 Tamra Lahmer
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Business groupGet Involved with the Fort Worth AAPC Chapter!

Attend a Local Chapter Meeting!

The Fort Worth AAPC Chapter will conducts monthly meetings at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, and you are invited!  Each month, the Fort Worth chapter officers put together a great educational event for chapter members.  In addition to gaining knowledge, meetings provide networking opportunities, job openings, and important news for our career.  If you are a certified coder, please consider joining the Fort Worth chapter!


Ms. Teri Berecochea, President of the Fort Worth Chapter is leading us into a great year and she will be happy to help you if you have questions or need more information.  Teri and the other officers can be reached at fwaapc@gmail.com.


Get involved with your local AAPC Chapter, and you will be amazed by the friendships you will gain, networking you will enjoy and great education you will receive.  For more information on the AAPC events, visit www.aapc.com.

Come, learn, network and enjoy the benefits of being a certified coder!

Not AAPC Certified?

You may enjoy the meetings as a guest for up to three visits so come and see what the AAPC Fort Worth Chapter is all about!!

Interested in a coding career?  Attend one of the Texas Career Center Free Career Informational Seminars. We can help you decide if you would like to pursue a career as a medical coder!

For More Information, please Contact Texas Career Center or an AAPC chapter officer. More event information is available, including the meeting location.


Medical coding continues to be a growing profession, with current predictions of employment opportunities increasing 30% or more in the next two years. Medical coding involves the thorough and meticulous review of medical records that have been documented by physicians and other health care providers to indicate the services provided and billed on behalf of a patient encounter.

At Texas Career Center, we have all of the tools and resources to gain the knowledge which will prepare you for the AAPC examination. If you are interested in becoming a certified professional coder, contact Texas Career Center today and learn how to get started on this exciting career path!   You may also want to attend a FREE Coding Career Development Seminar which will answer many questions about the medical coding profession.  Information leads to good decisions, so get answers to your questions by attending this free seminar.

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