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Texas Career Center offers several options for payment of your education. Detailed information regarding financing options available and the financial aid process can be obtained by meeting with the school’s financial planner.  A school financial planner can guide you through a financial plan to assist in securing the education that you need to move forward in your career path.   When you meet with a planner, you will be assisted in finding a plan that best suits your needs.
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The following options are available to assist students in their financial obligations:

Texas Career Center offers an in-house financing option which provides the student with the convenience of paying for their vocational program or individual course(s) over the length of the enrollment without the complications of a bank loan.  A service fee of 10% of the cost of the Program or individual course(s) is assessed and can be included in the finance payments.  For example, a course fee of $800 would have a finance fee assessed in the amount of $80.  Students can make monthly payments and their education can be fully paid by the time you complete your TXCC program.

Our newest financing option provides an extended period of time to complete payments, beyond the length of your education.  Extended financing options are available and will include service fees of varying amounts.  All financing remains in-house and provides the freedom to pay for your education with lower monthly payments. 

The school provides a voluntary prepayment plan to students and their families to help reduce the balance due upon entry.  Students may deposit payments toward a future enrollment date and the funds will be held in escrow for application at the time of enrollment.  Students must be prepared to enter their Program at the stated date or their deposit will be fully refunded.

Students paying in full with cash or check at the time of registration will eliminate a service fee associated with financing options which will lower the costs associated with their education.

Texas Career Center accepts all major credit cards (except American Express).

In-house financing is available for students who enroll in a complete vocational program.  Students who enroll in a Program are eligible to finance all costs associated with their education, including books and other fees (exclusive of the registration fee only).  Students who enroll in individual classes may be eligible for financing on the cost of their tuition, but may not finance books or other fees that are recommended for the selected course(s).

Please contact a Texas Career Center financial planner for more information on all of the Texas Career Center alternative financing options.