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Texas Career Center’s History

Tamra LahmerBill Lahmer in suit

Founded in 2013, Texas Career Center’s history began with the personal vision of its co-founders, Bill and Tamra Lahmer to achieve the American dream and a way of life that supports family, faith and a financially stable future.

These individuals developed a passion for teaching when each one served as part-time instructors for their trades; Tamra at a local college and Bill at a local HVACR school.  Both founders of Texas Career Center have owned their own businesses in Fort Worth and used their experience and knowledge to develop superior vocational training programs.  Their history of working in careers which raised their family of six children and funded the launch of their small businesses fueled their passion to help others become their own success story!

Texas Career Center’s Mission

It is the core belief of Texas Career Center’s founders and officers that an individual has both the right and the privilege to work and enjoy the prosperity of life.  Corporations, small businesses and government industries worldwide have needs for employees to provide a skill-based service, and they depend on a diverse set of trades which require a certification, license, permit or other form of credential to ensure they are represented by workers of the highest and most up-to-date knowledge and skill sets.

Texas Career Center represents the needs of both the employees and employers who seek to form a working relationship wherein both parties may benefit in the utmost form.  Our commitment to students who sincerely desire to have a rewarding career and are willing to work hard is to ensure that you are comprehensively trained by qualified instructors who have an indivisible commitment to both the student’s success as well as the requirements of the vocation.

Our commitment to the employers who depend on skilled workers to generate the growth of our economy is to train and prepare our students in all areas of their career, which includes knowledge and hands-on application, continuing education requirements, career growth opportunities, business ethics, professional communication, appearance and customer relations.

Dream * Believe * Achieve

The immense personal fulfillment of sowing into another’s future and success, coupled with experience in business and creative thoughts, ideas and observations for quality and innovative improvements in vocational education – represent the core elements that powered the dream to plan and create a new type of vocational school.

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