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2015 Professional Coder Training Program Schedules

2015 Professional Coder Training Program Class Schedules

Texas Career Center SeminarsThe listings below will provide all of our current classes for both full-time and part-time options.  Students who enroll in our full program will enroll in the next available Term and participate in all of the classes.

Already working the health care industry?  If your professional background includes knowledge in patient care, clinical medicine or medical office, you may not require all of the courses in the Professional Coder Training program.

For these students, we offer individual classes which will provide the necessary classroom training, supplemented by real work experience and knowledge, without the need to take all of the Professional Coder Training classes. Any of our classes may be taken individually regardless of the Term.  We have many classes conducted simultaneously and a student may take any class if space is available and they qualify to waive the prerequisites.  Our proficiency assessments are free of charge, and enable students to receive credit for working knowledge or previous education.  This saves time and money toward meeting your career goals!  For more specific information, please call 817-624-8922 or Contact Us.

If you have a plan to become certified in medical coding, we have the specific training that you need — no more and no less.  Let us help you get started!


Texas Career Center is located in Fort Worth, Texas; conveniently near the freeway. We have in-house financing for all vocational career programs. Full Time and Part Time programs are available.

Call us at 817-624-8922. Or Contact Us via email. We looking forward to talking with you soon!

Professional Coder Training Program


July 6, 2015 – July 16, 2016

SubjectDates / TimesDay(s)WeeksHours
Medical TerminologyJul 6 – Oct 26
6 – 9 pm
AnatomyJul 8 – Oct 21
6 – 9 pm
Beginning CodingNov 3 – Mar 8
6 – 9 pm
Health InsuranceNov 5 – Mar 10
6 – 9 pm
Advanced CodingMar 26 – Jul 23
8 am – 3:30 pm
Career PrepJune 20 - Jun 29
6 – 9 pm
M W212