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2015-2016 Class Schedules


Texas Career Center - Vocational Training Fort WorthTexas Career Center has schedule options to fit any schedule preferences.  Our full-time Professional Coder Training program completes in only 22 weeks, and the new HVACR Service Training program offers a full-time program that completes in only 4 weeks.  Part-time classes take a little longer, but allow the student to balance work and family while learning a new career on evenings or weekends.

How do we do it?  Our classes are focused on the material that is necessary and required to enter the medical coding or HVACR field, without adding coursework that is not essential to the profession.  This also keeps our costs low and enables students to enter the workplace with a minimal investment of time and financial resources.

Already working in the health care industry?  If your professional background includes knowledge in patient care, clinical medicine or medical office, you may not require all of the courses in the Professional Coder Training program.  For these students, we offer individual classes which will provide the necessary classroom training, supplemented by real work experience and knowledge, without the need to take all of the Professional Coding Training classes.  If you have a plan to become certified in medical coding, we have the specific training that you need – no more and no less.  Let us help you get started!

The HVACR Service Training program includes all of the coursework to start in the HVACR field as a service technician, including EPA certification.  Students who already have knowledge in any of the coursework included in the HVACR service training program may elect to waive out of these classes by taking a proficiency exam.  Texas Career Center believes in giving credit for your knowledge, which allows you to reduce your training time and cost.

2015 Professional Coder Training Program Schedules

2015 HVACR Service Technician Training Program Schedules

2016 Professional Coder Training Program Schedules

2016 HVACR Service Technician Training Program Schedules